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The M627 from Toyo Tires is a deep-tread, highway-traction tyre designed for sealed road, drive-axle usage. The M627 utilises a full-rib tread shoulder design to minimise heel/toe wear. It offers high levels of traction while minimising tread squirm.

The M627 is available in tyre size 11R22.5 146/143L at competitive cost per km around all states in Australia. See our online dealer locator to find a store near you.

Download Product Data Sheet (PDF)



Aggressive highway tread pattern

  • Exceptional traction for highway applications.

Stone ejectors in main grooves

  • Minimised belt damage due to stone drilling.

Full shoulder-rib design and flat crown radius

  • Minimise irregular wear and deliver flat, even wear across the tread.

Reduced void ratio compared to M615z

  • Reduced tread squirm for improved stability and a slower wear rate.

Multi-pitch grooves

  • Improved traction for the final stages of tread life.