Truck & Bus Tyres

Truck and Bus Tyres

Trucks and buses require tyres that can go the distance

If driving is your business, you can rely on Toyo. Designed and manufactured with technology at the forefront of the tyre industry, Toyo’s truck and bus tyres are safer, more durable and higher performing.

Engineered for a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride Toyo’s truck and bus tyres are tough and hard wearing, providing the best in road holding and grip, in all conditions while also delivering on fuel efficiency and value.

With on road, off road and all terrain tyres to suit all positions as well as dedicated drive, steer and trailers tyres, Toyo has a range of sizes and fitments to suit trucks and buses of all makes and models.



The M144A is a five-rib, all-position, highway tyre designed for medium- to long-haul use.

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The M143 is a tubeless, 70-series, highway-rib truck/bus tyre for all axle positions. Highly durable, it provides for optimum handling.

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The M149z is a highway-rib, super-single tyre for trailer and steer axles. Designed for sealed-road use, it is available in 385/65R22.5 size only.

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The M629 is a deep-tread, all-position tyre primarily designed for urban and short-haul use. Available in 11R22.5 size only.

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The M628A from Toyo Tires is an all-position tyre designed for use in urban and short-haul applications.

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The M627 is a deep-tread, highway-traction tyre designed for sealed-road, drive-axle use. Offering excellent traction, it is available in 11R22.5 size only.

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The M605z is a deep-tread, highway-traction tyre for drive axles. Available in 11R22.5 size only.

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The M608z is a durable, tubeless, highway-traction, light-truck tyre for drive and some off-road steer axle applications.

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The M503z is a premium, drive-axle radial for on/off-road use. Highly effective in mud and other extreme off-road conditions. Available in 11R22.5 size only.

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The M610zLCC is a deep-tread, on/off-road tyre for drive axles. Especially suited to long-haul driving, it is available in 11R22.5 size only.

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The M506z is an on/off road, deep-tread tyre for drive axles. Suited to extreme service applications and slow average speeds.

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The M122z is a five-rib, all-position highway tyre that boasts excellent directional stability, heat resistance and long tread life. The M122 is designed primarily for trailer axles.

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The Toyo M120z is a highly durable, all-position, tubeless, highway-rib radial tyre designed primarily for use on steer and trailer axles.

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The M1430 from Toyo Tires is a tubeless, highway-rib, low-platform trailer tyre.

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The M315z is a tough, on/off-road, rib/lug, all-position tyre best suited to short haul, mixed service applications. Available in 11R22.5 and 295/80R22.5 sizes.

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The M626 from Toyo Tires is a regular depth all-position tyre designed for fitment to all axle positions.

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The M170Z is a tubeless, five-rib highway tyre designed for all-position use in medium- to long-haul applications.

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The M320 from Toyo Tires is a tubeless tyre designed for all-position use in short- to medium-haul applications that cover both on- and off-road surfaces.

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Toyo Tires are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of tyres for many well known vehicle manufacturers such as Mitsubishi.


The M140z is a durable, five-rib, all-position, highway tyre primarily designed for steer-axle use. The M140z is an original equipment tyre designed specifically by Toyo Tires for the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 10. Available in tube-type and tubeless sizes.

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