Toyo Tires Warranty And Service Policy

This policy applies to all tyres bearing the Toyo Tires brand and serial number that are imported and distributed by Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Limited, and sold by Toyo Tires’ authorised resellers in Australia.

Toyo Tires (PCR, SUV, LTR & TBR) Warranty

Toyo Tires passenger, sports utility vehicle and light truck products are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for the original usable tread life. Toyo Tires truck and bus products not covered by the Toyo Tires Truck & Bus Warranty & Service Policy will be subject to this warranty scheme.

Materials And Workmanship Warranty

  1. Out of balance or out of round adjustments will only be accepted during the first 1mm of original tread depth.
  2. Original usable tread is defined as the original tread down to 1.6mm remaining tread, at which time the product is considered worn out.
  3. When the product is judged defective, pro-rata compensation will be made for the remaining tread depth against the original tread depth.

Exclusions And Limitations

  1. Products branded ‘N/A’ (No Adjustment) are not adjustable under this warranty.
  2. Warranties do not cover damage due to road hazards (e.g. cut, snag, bruise, impact or puncture).
  3. Warranties do not cover damage due to misalignment, improper inflation, overloading, wheel imbalance, theft, defective mechanical conditions, such as brakes, shock absorber or rims, wreck or collision, wilful damage or abuse.
  4. Warranties do not cover damage due to use of an improper inner tube, such as the use of non-radial tube, or with a valve not recommended by Toyo Tires.
  5. Adjustments are based on the warranty, which was valid and in effect at the time the product was purchased.
  6. All implied warranties, any warranty of merchandising or of suitability for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to the duration of this written warranty.
  7. All obligations or liabilities for incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded.

Owner’s Obligations

You must present the product for adjustment to an authorised Toyo Tires reseller or Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Limited, together with further information as Toyo Tires may reasonably request for properly processing the warranty claim form.

Final Arbiter

Toyo Tires will be the final arbiter of fact as to the cause of product failure.

Goods Return Policy For PTB & OTR Products

  1. Return of products supplied in error by Toyo Australia will be accepted providing that notification of the error is given to the Toyo Australia branch from which product/s were supplied within five (5) Toyo Australia ordinary business days (Working Days) of delivery. In such case, return will be at Toyo Australia's cost utilising Toyo Australia's nominated carrier.
  2. Return of products correctly supplied in accordance with Your order, either written or oral, will only be accepted under the following conditions:
    a) Return authorisation must be requested from Toyo Tires within five (5) Working Days of delivery;
    b) Return authorisation must be granted by the Toyo Australia branch from which product/s was supplied;
    c) Returned product/s must be received by the Toyo Australia supplying branch within five (5) Working Days of return authorisation being granted;
    d) Freight charges, both inwards and outwards, shall be at Your cost;

    Product/s must be received by Toyo Australia in good condition (credit will not be approved for damaged products).

  3. Where product/s are returned pursuant to clause 2, Toyo Australia will grant a credit of the net invoice price plus GST. You and Toyo Australia will make such GST adjustments as required.
  4. No cash refund will be payable to You for product/s returned pursuant to clause 2.