Shot Caller, Rock Crawler

Shot Caller, Rock CrawlerOff-road rock driving, especially when tackling steep gradients is all about grip. The best way to get that grip is by using LOW range in conjunction with tyre pressure reduction.

Rebuilding, renewing and remembering

Toyo Tires Made in MiyagiToyo Tires works to preserve pride following disaster.

Toyo Tires Tech Nights Continue

Subaru WRX clubs receiving Toyo technical trainingWith a number of nights now done and dusted, Toyo Tires is regularly hosting clubs interested in learning the particulars of performance over a few pizzas.

How Ken Block Tests Tyres

Ken Block and Toyo TiresIs it harder to kill something once you get to know it?

Compression Session

Double-motored compressorLetting air out of tyres when you get off-road is part and parcel of 4WDing. When you inevitably get back to the road though, reinflation can be a little trickier.