Proxes Top Five

Toyo Tires presents: the five coolest cars on Toyo Proxes, for sale on, right now

Straight out of WA is this 2009 Evolution X. It has 510 horsepower on pump fuel with a fully revised handling package and an interior and exterior that balances race performance and modern factory comforts.

The makeup of the motor is a who’s who of power-getting brands. Garrett, Cosworth, 6Boost, Turbosmart and Plazmaman bits are all controlled by a super serious Motec M800, with antilag and launch control.

The outside sees lashings of Seibon carbon fibre mixed with choice pieces from Chargespeed and Beatrush and wrapped with an Avery Supreme matte black. Combined with a svelte lip spoiler, the car looks more F-117 Nighthawk than Evo.

Keeping this all paw monster tied to the ground is a set of 255/45R19 Toyo Proxes T1Rs, wrapped around massive Work Meister S1R’s in 19x10.5J with a +12 offset. The ultra-high performance reinforced high-grip compound will make sure that BLKBULLET hooks up off the line, with the street comfort and wet weather performance that will give a driver confidence in all conditions.

The owner is asking $57K; given the amount of modification and work that has gone into this car the next owner is in for quite a ride.



From the other end of the JDM spectrum comes this Suzuki Cappuccino

0.7 litres of fury, this Kei car is packing three forged pistons, with a new Garrett turbine spinning 10 pounds of boost into a motor built by Monster Sport in Japan. Controlling the engine is a Haltech ECU, with Toyo Proxes R888s controlling grip. Especially given the light weight of this pocket rocket, the sticky Proxes R888s will keep the Suzuki on rails, making it perfect for track days and spirited mountain drives.

The boldly styled extra-shot Cappuccino also features a divisive personal paint job that belies a distinctly Japanese influence. Truly a car for someone who wants to stand out (and is under six feet tall)!

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Switching to Stuttgart, check out this Porsche 930, presented in the best possible colour.

This Blackbird relies on 235 and 275 Toyo Proxes R888, shod on some gorgeous forged three-piece Simmons to stay planted on the tarmac. This particular 930 is packing a top to bottom rebuild on its 3.3-litre engine, with tasteful upgrades all around that make the car a dream on the street and a brute on the track.

The owner insists that the car has barely seen the track, but with the amount of spec under that rear decklid and a Bilstein-focused suspension package it promises lap time performance (and some serious speed on the Wangan).



180SX + RB25: a sum sure to tickle the fancy of any enthusiast worth their salt. Another number, 360, as in kilowatts, really puts this RPS13 over the line.

A comprehensive project that plies Skyline superpowers into a Silvia capable of destroying supercars, the cheekily plated RBT-180 is an exercise in Millennium jade perfection. 40mm overfenders tuck in fat URAS Exsol at 9.5 all around, providing looks that have seen the car grace the cover of Performance Imports magazine.

With an engine bay and interior that puts most imports to shame, this is a properly complete conversion.

With 360 boosted kilowatts under your front foot you are going to need some grip. For this, the car looks to Toyo Proxes R888s to keep things glued as the mid-range puff from the Garrett GTX3076R pushes you back into the Bride fixed back seat.



A rival to the E30 M3 and Sierra Cosworth in their day, this 86 Mercedes 190E matches performance with practicality. Don’t let the four doors fool you, the Cosworth 2.3-litre inline six, five speed, LSD and Recaro interior make this model a spritely motorcar.

With a full service history, this 190E is a rare find, and given the skyrocketing prices of the increasingly vintage M3, it stands to reason that this Smoke Silver sedan could very well prove a sound investment, and a properly fun road car.

The period-correct AMG wheels meet with adjustable Koni suspension and Toyo Proxes R1R tyres, adding a handling edge to a finely balanced and hyper-engineered automobile. The asking isn’t low, but the potential of this car is massive.